Are you a business leader who wants to save time and money by being more strategic in your marketing efforts?

What if you could show up consistently on the platforms that your ideal customers frequent?

What would it feel like if you could have the right systems in place to create, plan, and manage your marketing content?

The Five Step Marketing Strategies System

STep 1: Platforms & Demographics
Your Marketing Strategies journey begins with choosing the right Platforms & Demographics so that you can focus on strategically targeting your ideal audiences.
Step 2: Websites & Google My Business
Next, you can take control over how you show up online by making sure that your Websites and Google My Business platforms are set up optimally.
Step 3: Touchpoints
Then you can learn how many Touchpoints you need in order to engage customers as well as how to use customer relationship management systems to track those touchpoints.
Step 4: Creating Content
This all leads into learning the fundamentals for Creating Content for all of your platforms.
Step 5: Managing Content
And, finally, you will need to know how to Manage your Content by using social media content calendars and scheduling tools like HootSuite to your advantage.

That’s the formula for sustained long term marketing success, right there.

Imagine if you and the people around you were consistently and intentionally energized, productive, and happy… how would that impact your business and your life?


Pillar Offerings

We know what it’s like to struggle to build a sustainable business, so we’ve created programs that are specifically designed for business builders like you


Do you want to access helpful resources like how-to videos?

Self Study

Do you learn best on your own in your own timeframe?

Group Programs

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“Claire helped me set-up and implement a number of processes to automate my business. I was using an obscure CRM, which she learned and was able to help me integrate it with mailing and calendar programs. With the systems streamlined, I am able to focus on growth activities (and even a bit more self care)!”

Debby M.

“Claire has a wealth of suggestions and she knows how to convey the information in understandable segments.”

Katie M.

“Working with Claire is so easy. She explains things in an understandable way that makes me feel like I can accomplish any task. I had thought I would work with her on just one project and this has been such a positive experience that I know I will work with her on many projects in the future.”

Maureen K.

“Claire helped me think more deeply about my role through candid conversations and creative exercises that challenged me to try new ways of interacting with our team of volunteers. She carefully guided me to discover what was holding me back and what I could do to change. The weeks flew by and I have already seen some progress!”

Patricia M.

“When I began my sessions with Claire I didn't really have any big expectations. I believed that it would be a positive experience but it was so much more than I had expected. I had some really valuable, life changing "Aha" moments. I know that I have grown as a person because of my sessions with her. I would recommend it highly to anyone that is striving to become "their best self".”

Joelle J.

“I felt like I was going nowhere, had no purpose in life, and Liminal Clarity helped me get my life on track! Claire helped me realize and improve on traits I didn't know I had; I even discovered goals that I didn't know I had! Plus I became more proactive to work towards goals that I had already set. It's no be-all-end-all solution, it definitely takes work and lots of introspection, but it's totally worth it. After 6 sessions, I feel more confident and more on track to meet my goals than ever before. Now that my sessions are completed, I still make time periodically to reflect on where I'm at and hold myself accountable. Just because the sessions are done doesn't mean the work stops! Thanks for everything Claire :)”

Lior G.

“I have a long time self reflection practice and am extremely focused and goal driven. However, I was entering a big life change and was feeling less certain under the new circumstances. Working with Claire Jones I was able to set clear, achievable goals as well as a path to reach them. Her calm, knowledgeable way of being allowed me to identify hidden obstacles and clear out old beliefs and emotions that were getting in my way. In just a few months, I achieved my immediate goals and I am thinking about next steps. Coaching just seems to be the catalyst...or the extra accountability I need, so I plan to continue my work with Claire and I look forward to what I will discover/ accomplish next.”

C. Mendelsohn

“Amazing experience with an amazing coach. Claire will tailor the program to meet your needs and help you get what you want and need out of the coaching. I picked up some amazing tools during coaching that I use regularly and it has truly made a profound difference in my life. Claire has a passion for helping others and you definitely benefit from working with her!!!!”

Elisa C.

“Just finished Claire's Marketing Strategies course and would HIGHLY recommend it as a primer for anyone interested in starting a new business or looking to grow and scale your existing business. Thanks for the opportunity to learn from you, Claire!”

Maggie G.

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