Communicating our authentic selves, needs, values, and wishes so that we can passionately and comfortably pursue our biggest dreams.


The process of becoming stronger and more confident to stand in our own power and claim our creative rights.


Embracing a state of ease and peace so that we can practically and sustainably progress forward with our emotional, physical, mental, and financial well being intact.


Supported by dependability, honesty, & trust so that we can have equal access to trusted, quality guides and resources that will create big wins for everyone involved.


Continually seeking inspired practices to support forward-thinking in developing a happier world.


To create a business development agency for art businesses so that they can successfully navigate the liminal space between creativity and structure.


To be trusted guides for art businesses creating the right schedules, marketing strategies, processes, and systems to build the business of their dreams.

This often looks like our Three Pillars of Business Success, a scientifically-backed framework that will scale their businesses sustainably.

We do this because badass dreams deserve reliable, empowered support.


Hello! My name is Claire, CEO of Liminal Clarity, and my ultimate goal is to help you step away from having to do everything yourself so that you can grow and scale your business without burning out.

I totally know what it’s like to burn out and struggle to build a sustainable business. After working with small businesses and arts organizations for 10 years, I decided to open my first business in 2014 – 2016 – The General Store Seattle.

That business had been my middle finger to the economy at the time since I could only find minimum wage, hourly, PT positions after graduating into the recession with an Art History degree. I figured if no one else was going to hire me for a growth-oriented job, I would hire myself.

And I’m really glad I did, although I was suffering from Wonder Woman syndrome at the time and didn’t realize the importance of supportive social circles & sustainable schedules. I thought I could do (and should do) everything by myself.

But you live & you learn, and I learned that I had a unique skill set when it came to running small businesses. My background in Art History had prepared me with a proficiency in research, which allowed me to absorb a ton of information and then break it down into themes. And then my obsession with systems gave me the power to take those themes and strategically implement them into my business (and my life).

What I realized was that I could not only see the big picture of how business systems worked together, but I could also connect all the dots and find themes that other people couldn’t see.

After closing down the store, I also realized the vital importance of self care and well being. I discovered that personal development was intimately tied to business development.

So I culminated all of my years of experience and created Liminal Clarity, a business development agency that helps you navigate the liminal spaces between wellness & business, creativity & structure, as well as the transitions between the various stages of your business.

My focus is always on identifying what makes you unique and how you can succeed in your own unique way, are you ready to kick ass?


You are committed to growing and learning.
You have big dreams, drive, and vision.
You are building a creative and/or purpose-driven business.
You are multi-talented and independent.
You are socially conscious and creative.
You have a sense of humor.
You want to lead in your business and in your life.
You are passionate about female empowerment in the world, and especially in the world of business.
You care!!


“I attended a couple of Claire's mastermind groups and got immediate solutions to my small business problems. She's a wealth of knowledge. She can help you set up your business operations essentials so you don't have to go through a painful trial and error process. She also has a rolodex of trusted professionals she can tap for any needs she can't immediately provide. She's kind, considerate and massively supportive of her clients. If you're just getting started or are hitting some roadblocks in your small business, do yourself a favor. Have a cup of coffee with Claire to chat about what's possible when you have her in your corner!”

Rebecca P.

“Claire Jones’ business Mastermind groups are both enjoyable and highly effective. Claire’s solid, positive personality, organized process and professional contributions are valuable for everyone. I benefited greatly from Claire’s Mastermind groups and recommend them highly.”

Marti M.

“Claire helped me set-up and implement a number of processes to automate my business. I was using an obscure CRM, which she learned and was able to help me integrate it with mailing and calendar programs. With the systems streamlined, I am able to focus on growth activities (and even a bit more self care)!”

Debby M.

“Claire has a wealth of suggestions and she knows how to convey the information in understandable segments.”

Katie M.

“Working with Claire is so easy. She explains things in an understandable way that makes me feel like I can accomplish any task. I had thought I would work with her on just one project and this has been such a positive experience that I know I will work with her on many projects in the future.”

Maureen K.

“Claire helped me think more deeply about my role through candid conversations and creative exercises that challenged me to try new ways of interacting with our team of volunteers. She carefully guided me to discover what was holding me back and what I could do to change. The weeks flew by and I have already seen some progress!”

Patricia M.

“When I began my sessions with Claire I didn't really have any big expectations. I believed that it would be a positive experience but it was so much more than I had expected. I had some really valuable, life changing "Aha" moments. I know that I have grown as a person because of my sessions with her. I would recommend it highly to anyone that is striving to become "their best self".”

Joelle J.

“I felt like I was going nowhere, had no purpose in life, and Liminal Clarity helped me get my life on track! Claire helped me realize and improve on traits I didn't know I had; I even discovered goals that I didn't know I had! Plus I became more proactive to work towards goals that I had already set. It's no be-all-end-all solution, it definitely takes work and lots of introspection, but it's totally worth it. After 6 sessions, I feel more confident and more on track to meet my goals than ever before. Now that my sessions are completed, I still make time periodically to reflect on where I'm at and hold myself accountable. Just because the sessions are done doesn't mean the work stops! Thanks for everything Claire :)”

Lior G.

“I have a long time self reflection practice and am extremely focused and goal driven. However, I was entering a big life change and was feeling less certain under the new circumstances. Working with Claire Jones I was able to set clear, achievable goals as well as a path to reach them. Her calm, knowledgeable way of being allowed me to identify hidden obstacles and clear out old beliefs and emotions that were getting in my way. In just a few months, I achieved my immediate goals and I am thinking about next steps. Coaching just seems to be the catalyst...or the extra accountability I need, so I plan to continue my work with Claire and I look forward to what I will discover/ accomplish next.”

C. Mendelsohn

“Amazing experience with an amazing coach. Claire will tailor the program to meet your needs and help you get what you want and need out of the coaching. I picked up some amazing tools during coaching that I use regularly and it has truly made a profound difference in my life. Claire has a passion for helping others and you definitely benefit from working with her!!!!”

Elisa C.

“Just finished Claire's Marketing Strategies course and would HIGHLY recommend it as a primer for anyone interested in starting a new business or looking to grow and scale your existing business. Thanks for the opportunity to learn from you, Claire!”

Maggie G.

A business development agency committed to helping you sustainably scale your dream business.

Seattle, WA